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Monday, May 1, 2017

Bible Journaling

Bible journaling with the family

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 What an incredible night I had with my husband and kids. We had laughs, arguments, and a whole lot of inspiration! I am still always amazed as to how far my kids and us have come on our Journey as a family and with our walks with God. We started a new journey together at a new church but decided to spend more time at home and with each other, little things that would influence others and each other. We have new goals and dreams to walk a closer walk with God and less in a building with people. Check out the incredible art these kids have created with no help at all. My husband did this as a first time journaling and only the second time he touched stamps!

This is our 13 year old. She loves art and has a great eye for beautiful things! She used black gesso on may pages and created a leaf background with TATTERED ANGELS white hi impact and gold ( Links below)
This was an experiment of my husbands behalf! He was struggling with ink pads so he found a can I had of spray paint and stenciled up his whole page! It looks amazing doesn't it? It was a basket stencil and I think I will be using it soon! Thanks for the inspiration honey! You did a great job!
 This is my 15 year old daughters page! Yes this is a 7GYPSY new released feather from ARCITEXTURE series! They were all fighting over them and who was going to use them! Normally I wouldn't let them use these, but they were all so darn cute fighting over them! Its nice that they appreciate the work that Canvas Corps has put into their new creations!
Look at this incredible gold hi impact feather
(links below)

 Just a few more pictures of the most adorable group of teenagers! Funny thing is the boy never lets me get pictures! He doesn't know he is in them. He thought I was only taking pictures of his book. I cant even begin to tell you the journey we have been on with Him. It has been a roller coaster but We are hoping on this journey he will find who he truly is. He is artistic and funny, a laugh a minute but seems to always get lost in the cool crowd. We are praying for him and taking him on a new journey with our family we just aren't sure how that is gonna end.
Here is another feather from the same sheet of feathers from 7gypsys. check out the link at the bottom of the page! This is a page on healing for me. My journey this year with myself and my husband is about healing. We had a rough journey through childhood and are on the move to healing. This has been a great way to accomplish a walk in healing together!
Beautiful 7Gypsey Wings covered in Tattered Angels navy blue glimmer mist after a coat of dark blue spray paint. They just glisten in the light. It is beautiful!
Psalms 91:4 He will cover you with His feathers

 Our 15 year old adopted son created this page with the 7Gypsyies wings that are quite a bit different from the above listed ones! They are solid white with an antiqued grey distressed look. He also used the packaging on the corners of his square. They are flowers from the packaging of the wings. Multi use!
 Here you can see a little more detail of his packaging use. It is really pretty in person. The colors are beautiful. he sprayed it with a purple mountain mist by Tattered Angels (link below)
This is our 16 year old page. She loves elephants but this was a bit of a stretch for her. She really doesn't like art and feels so discouraged when we have her do anything. She just watched us most the time but finally she made this and for her that is a lot. I am very proud that she committed to it and followed through even though it was out of her comfort zone!

 Here is another start of a page for my hubby. He used another packaging from the 7gypsys architexture series. He feel in love with this blue print because he is a general contractor and has been building since he was 6. It is a great start to another page 

 Another hilarious moment for the night. I showed the hubby a cool idea on Pinterest and he took a Easter chocolate outside with dark blue sheer mist from tattered angels and low and behold he killed the chocolate from a expensive chocolate store and came back in saying thanks honey for the idea!!!!!! Rolling on the floor. Hope no one planned to eat that!
 Example of 13 year old wind storm
She used the bible quote He calmed the storm

 The second page of the 15 year old. Very subtle color and beautiful quote.
 Hand drawn by the 15 year old son. We left and took a break and came back to all of these new post from them! Great work kids! We had to fight them a little to clean up for bed and they weren't wanting to quit.

 This master piece is the second page of the 13 year old girl! love it
 This is a great example of my husband and his experimenting and the fun work he was doing. Clearly not done but what he made with the 7gypsys chicken wire architexture (link below)
Thanks for joining us on our new journey and  this great birthday bash blog hop!!!! With So many great sponsors and there generosity!


  1. This is just amazing and what a great thing to be able to involve the family too!

    1. That message below was meant for you Celeste!

  2. THank you! Does your end show that the date of this being released is May 1st? Because it was scheduled and the top of my post view says May 1st but it is already posted!

  3. Wow Carly this is awesome seeing they did the journaling with you! Love the moments