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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DV blog hop bracelet

This bracelet I created for all the woman who had stand still and wait for the wind to change and gather there strength to move on in  a different direction. I have been in the place before. I felt so weak in the moment but know in hind sight it seems I was full of strength and could move mountains if it meant keeping my children and self safe. In my case I had to keep my kids, parents and self safe. I was very dedicated to get out, to find safety and breath again.
I had, had enough. I was beaten severely for 10 years. I have major trauma to my head now and and many other problems that have been due to the constant abuse. I have a back problems, neck problems and memory problems. I stutter when I talk and I get a lot of migraines.
If you are in a relationship and this is happening, I encourage you to find your sails and set yourself free. There is no one that ultimately can do this for you, you have to do it for yourself. I understand that it isnt easy to go because the threats and the fear is huge. I faced that too and With nothing but the grace of God did I overcome the fear and I got out. Please contact help and find shelters near you. They are there. You just have to ask the right person. Always know there are people who will back you up and help.

the top photo is a it messy still, I washed it again after that photo was taken. It says
She Stood In The Storm & When The Wind Did Not Blow Her Way She Adjusted Her Sails

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mixed media

Hop to Stop
I created this mixed media for the domestic violence blog hop! It isnt the greatest but I tried! Lol lets face it Im no Becca! hahaha 

hop to stop 2

 The Blog Hop to stop
This month I will be posting many cards for the blog hop to stop domestic violence. This is the second year I will have been apart of it and I really enjoyed it last year
 Becca from Damsel in Distress is the creator of this hop and she does a fabulous job every year. I will be posting as a different person then last year because my ex found my post somehow and starting blogging on my page. It was scary and violating to me. Most of you probably didnt even notice because he posed 
as a poor man who lost everything.
 a couple days later he found my facebook page as dawn pool and started sending nasty pictures of himself to my facebook. I was devastated. I then had to try and start a new blog, website and facebook. I couldn't even get people to except my friend request because they didnt know me. They not only didn't except it but were saying very cruel things to me in the process. He somehow was still hurting me and controlling my life. My business and my friends. It really is a battle everyday not just when you are with them