Canvas Corp brands

Canvas Corp brands

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here are a few cards I was working on over the past few days. I am really leaning on doing more of my own stuff and added a payment button to the business page again. I have taken some time off over the past couple years, due to some family deaths and healing and I think I am ready to come back into the word of crafts! I will be posting more often and posting all things crafty not just cards! I really hope more of you will follow me and watch the growth in this tiny little crafting community! I will be working more this year on selling cards and Jewlery, gift baskets and candle making. And a lot less blog hoping! I will participate in many but just not as often as I was before. I also feel God is leading me into a lot more work with children and missionary work. I will also be writting more and getting back into my own skin again. I have been in a huge fog for awhile and I am still in it, but Im leaning on God and not on my own understand, healing and learning to love again. First off loving myself again.
I cant wait to see what God reveals to us in the next couple years and all the change we are going to endure...
Many blessings and happy crafting!

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